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"Making mastitis management easy"

MEX™, a spin-off of Ghent University’s M-team, strives to make mastitis management easy worldwide.

Driven by passion, inspired by science and strengthened by experience, the team at MEX™ works to create holistic, integrated solutions for easy mastitis management through:

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  • Evidence-based consultancy
  • Collaboration with industry experts
  • First class training, coaching and mentoring
  • Data management
  • Evidence-based marketing


Vet's Culture in Practice training 06/06


On June 6, MEX™ organized for the first time the Vet's Culture in Practice training for Flemish vets. During the interactive and practical training, the attendees learnt how to differentiate following mastitis causing bacteria from each other by doing bacteriological culturi...

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Vet's Culture in Practice Premium


On April 12th, MVetMed Dimitri Valckenier and Dr. Sofie Piepers from MEX™ gave a practical training "Vet's Culture in Practice" for the cattle vets of a Belgian vet practice tailored to their needs. Supported by some easy tests and selective agars, the vets were able to distinguish:

Gram-positive fr...
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Launch Ubrostar® (Boehringer Ingelheim), Algeria


On April 6th, Dr. Sofie Piepers from MEX™ gave a practical and interactive presentation on the challenges and opportunities of the dry period for dairy cattle as part of the launch of Ubrostar® (Boehringer Ingelheim) in Algeria. The dry period is a crucial period for udder health in a cow's lacattion cycle. On the one hand, the dry period off...

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