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In our mission to make mastitis management easy, these core values play an integral role in everything we do:

INTEGRITY: When providing evidence-based consultancy for their clients, the team at MEX™ prides itself on adhering to strict moral and ethical principles. As an offshoot of Ghent University’s M-team, we bring with us the same level of integrity you would expect from any world-class institution. 

HOLISM: At MEX™, we are more than the mere sum of our parts. Holism is, in fact, an integral part of who we are and what we do – that is, finding comprehensive solutions to often-complex mastitis problems by using a combination of modern science, contemporary research and cutting edge technology. 

PRACTICALITY: The training and coaching we provide is designed to be put into immediate action, making the goals of you and your clients both practicable and obtainable. After all, knowledge without action is worthless.

EXCELLENCE: At MEX™, we are passionate about udder health and milk quality. Our team is made up of world-renowned experts in mastitis and milk quality research and field experience. Combined, our founders offer nearly 30 years of diversified, yet focused, expertise on mastitis management.

Quite simply, we believe that our services will help you to attain your goal of making mastitis management easy. It is our goal to partner with you and together become the leading source of mastitis management solutions.