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On June 20 and 21 2017, Dr. Josef Prášek and his colleague MVet. Jiri Zeman followed the Mastitis & Management Pro XL training part of the Keno™-M concept. Dr. Josef Prášek is now officially certified as Keno™-M trainer and MVet. Jiri has been certified as Keno™-M advisor.

What can a Keno™-M consultant do for you?

A Keno™-M consultant:

  • ... has extensive, up-to-date knowledge on udder health and milk quality.
  • ... structurally analyses the udder health at your dairy farm.
  • ... can objectively and efficiently reveal the weak and strong points in your udder health management.
  • ... helps you find the most effective solution for further improving the udder health at your dairy farm.
  • ... has access to the scientifically underpinned Keno™-M software developed by M-team UGent.
  • ... can efficiently and regularly monitor and adjust the udder health at your dairy farm.
  • ... can count on continuous support from MEX™, a spin-off of the M-team UGent.
  • ... motivates you to take action and assists you in optimising the udder health an return on your dairy farm.