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On July 15th, MEX™ celebrated the official appointment of Joséphine Verhaeghe, dairy specialist at CID LINES, as Keno™-M coach and Robin Franzon, dairy technical support at CID LINES, as Keno™-M trainer. Sofie Piepers, co-founder of M-teamUGent and managing director of MEX™, spin-off of M-teamUGent, had the honor to offer the certificate proving that Joséphine followed an intensive 2-week high-end training and Robin Franzon the 2-day training on mastitis and milk quality.

Keno™-M is a groundbreaking concept developed by M-teamUGent and CID LINES to make mastitis management easy worldwide. Keno™-M is a concept in which as many aspects of mastitis management, including training and coaching, evidence-based consultancy and data management, are combined into one holistic approach. It is our belief that mastitis management can be made easy as long as you have access to a combination of the right tools, knowledge and expertise and a strong network of passionate individuals.

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