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Keno™-M - The missing link for an efficient and sustainable mastitis management


Up to a 50% better udder health thanks to a fact-based farm-specific monitoring of udder health tailored to each individual dairy farmer or farm manager


Are you a dairy cattle veterinarian or other consultant with an interest in mastitis and milk quality? Do you sometimes feel unsure and do you lack feedback when it comes to mastitis decision making? Do your enthusiasm and passion for udder health slack off when you think of the boring though necessary report writing and time-consuming complex data-analysis, interpretation and monitoring? Then Keno™-M is the perfect assistant for you!


Imagine that in less than 5 minutes you can ...

  • have access to all available mastitis data of your client's dairy farm.
  • precisely calculate all mastitis key indicators.
  • give a scientific-sound advice for each cow with an elevated somatic cell count.
  • see at a glance the strenghts and weaknesses in the udder health management.
  • generate a customized and comprehensive report. 

Would it then not be easy to manage mastitis on any dairy farm? All you still have to do, is to send the report, communicate and motivate your client farmer and his workers in such a way that they act and comply. As this is what software can (yet) not do for you!  



"Taking the most optimal decision for cows with an elevated cell count is not easy and a hell of a job as it depends on several factors including the parity, the somatic cell count, the history of the somatic cell count, the herd level udder health status and the stage of lactation. Keno™-M generates a guideline for each individual cows in less than a minute and taking into account all abovementioned factors."


All available mastitis data of your client's dairy farm on one spot from somatic cell count data over bacteriological culturing and clinical mastitis records to information related to the mastitis management on the farm. Your virtual assistant, Keno™-M, takes care of it.


Evaluate and compare the performances of your dairy farmers or even with those of other advisors within your country or within your continent in an objective way. 


No more time and energy wasting by racking your brains over the most optimal decision for cows with an elevated somatic cell count. Your virtual assistant, Keno™-M, generates a scientific-sound guideline for each individual cow with an elevated somatic cell count in a few seconds.


No more time wasting by calculating and analyzing the mastitis key parameters. Your virtual assistant, Keno™-M, does it for you, over and over again, each time taking into account the same assumptions. This is the only way that results can be precisely compared.


Get insight at a glance in the weaknesses and strenghts of the mastitis management of any dairy farm based on facts and data. Keno™-M allows you to straightforwardly and objectively evaluate the mastitis management at any farm.


No more boring report writing. Your virtual assistant, Keno™-M, generates a complete and comprehensive report in a few seconds. All you need to do is deciding which items you want to include and which one you don't want to include.


And there is more! The Keno™-M software tool was developped as part of the Mastitis & Management concept. After all, it is our belief that mastitis management can be truly made easy and fun as long as you have access to a combination of the right tools, knowledge and expertise, and a strong network of like-minded passionated individuals. Well, the Mastitis & Management concept is such a concept in which as many aspects of mastitis management, including training and coaching (Mastitis & Management Boost training), evidence-based consultancy and data management (Keno™-M software tool) are combined into one holistic approach. 


Keno™-M was developed using the extensive knowledge and expertise of UGent's M-team and the practical feedback and support of CID LINES.