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Successfully and confidently improve the udder health with at least 50%. 

Effectively and sustainably monitor the udder health at any dairy farm while enjoying and having satisfaction 


You are a dairy cattle vet or consultant with an interest in mastitis and milk quality. You might already have attended various courses on mastitis and milk quality. You feel like already having quite some knowledge BUT still ...

  • you do not yet (always) manage to translate that knowledge into targeted farm-specific advice
  • you sometimes feel unsure in the discussion with your dairy farmer client
  • you often feel lonely and lack feedback, confidence and support when it comes to mastitis decision making
  • you search for a sounding board to whom you can discuss with and bounce ideas, insights and possible solutions for certain mastitis problems
  • you experience difficulties in convincing your clients to take action
  • your enthusiasm and passion for udder health slacks off when you think of the boring though necessary report writing and time-consuming monitoring afterwards

Guess what? You are not alone! It is our belief that mastitis management can be truly made easy and fun as long as you have access to a combination of the right tools, knowledge and expertise, and a strong network of like-minded passionated peers. Well, the Mastitis & Management concept is such a concept in which as many aspects of mastitis management, including training and coaching (Mastitis & Management Boost training), evidence-based consultancy and data management (Keno™-M software application) are combined into one holistic approach. 


"The solutions for achieving and maintaining good udder health at a dairy farm are well-known and are included in the standard 10-point mastitis prevention and control program. Nonetheless, in practice it often still proves difficult to actually improve and regularly monitor udder health at a dairy farm. One of the reasons is that we often focus too closely on 'solutions' rather than the 'problem'. We want anything that is not done by the book to be changed. The final result is an overwhelmed and demotivated farmer or manager and his workers".



How would your life look like if ...

  • you could stay up to date on the latest insights about mastitis and milk quality without the need for travelling
  • you could bounce day and night experiences and ideas with other dairy consultants passionate about mastitis and milk quality
  • you would be continuously supported in making decisions at both the cow and farm level
  • you could in a few clicks generate a customized and complete report at any time for any dairy farm

Great? Then the Mastitis & Management concept is ideal for you! The Mastitis & Management concept is a unique and exciting concept exclusively developped for pro-active dairy cattle veterinarians and consultants that want to truly make the difference when it comes to mastitis management without too much hassle. 



"You want to be successfull in improving udder health? Then stop focussing on the most obvious causes, and start focusing on the causes that really matter. What is the point of focussing on the milking technique and housing and get all sort of things changed while the actual problem maybe lies with the dry cows or the young heifers?"

Live broadcast streaming

Allows for bringing people together and exchanging experiences and knowledge no matter where they are from while saving on time, accomodations and travel. On top of that, the trainings will be recorded and can be looked at again afterwards wherever you are and whenever you want. 


Mastitis & Management Boost is not an ordinary training like there are dime a dozen. No! It is a journey of 6 exciting modules and up to 10 hours individual coaching. All you need to grow and transform into a reliable udder health advisor.  At your pace and according to your needs. An udder health advisor who successfully and confidently improves and monitors the udder health at any dairy farm. There is no elevator to expertise and success, you need to take the stairs.


No boring monologues. Instead, continuous interaction and exchange of knowledge & experiences among participants and trainers by using the wide array of exciting webinar room features including live chat (with translations), live questions & answers, screen sharing to demonstrate practical examples, videos, polls & surveys. 

Practical & to the point

Boost of self-confidence and expertise in mastitis management. The Mastitis & Management Boost training is designed to be put into immediate action, making your goals both practical and obtainable. After all, knowledge without action is worthless. 


You automatically become a member of our online closed Facebook group in which you can exchange your knowledge, experiences and challenges 24/7 with like-minded peers from all over the world. They will inspire and energize you to accomplish your mission and push your boundaries when it comes to mastitis management.


"The key to success in mastitis management is not in the solutions but in the problem and its causes. After all, the range of solutions for improving udder health is the same for all dairy farms worldwide, but the actual problem and its causes often differ from farm to farm. If you really want to succeed in obtaining and maintaining good udder health at a dairy farm, it is important to first analyse the problem and find and offer the most effective, evidence-based solution for each farm-specific problem, based on facts and data. If not, all that remains are frustrations".


Thanks to the Mastitis & Management Boost:

  • You master the 5 elements for a successful approach and sustainable monitoring of udder health at any dairy farm.
  • You detect weak points in the mastitis management, link them to the available results and formulate the most effective solutions on that basis as you have never done something else.
  • You focus on the most effective solution and distance yourself momentarily and without failure of fear from other flaws in the mastitis management that are not directly connected with the problem.
  • You successfully deal with your client and his worker's objections and tendency to reject and not to implement certain advice.
  • You always arrive at a solution/compromise with which both you, as the consultant, and the dairy farmer, as the one required to take action, are comfortable.
  • You are surrounded by a community of like-minded peers that inspire, support and energize you to push your boundaries.


Are you ready to transform into a reliable udder health advisor and to truly make the difference when it comes to mastitis management?