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In a unique partnership between industry and academia, CID LINES and M-team UGent have launched the groundbreaking Keno™-M concept to make mastitis management easy. Keno™-M is a concept in which as many aspects of mastitis management, including training and coaching (Mastitis & Management Pro XL), evidence-based consultancy and data management, are combined into one holistic approach. It is our belief that mastitis management can be made easy as long as you have access to a combination of the right tools, knowledge and expertise, and a strong network of passionate individuals.

The concept provides a combination of: 

  • World-class training on mastitis management
  • Coaching in communication and marketing 
  • Evidence-based consultancy
  • Data management tools

Part of the concept consists of a user-friendly software application designed to truly improve udder health management on dairy farms. The software allows veterinarians and dairy advisors to gain immediate insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the udder health management plans of any dairy farm anywhere in the world. The Keno™-M software is designed to generate a thorough report on its key findings and to find possible solutions and offer recommendations. The application was developed using the extensive knowledge and expertise of UGent’s M-team.

Keno™-M software assists in:

  • Improving contact between advisors, vets and other dairy professionals
  • Storing data
  • Generating comprehensive reports
  • Assisting in evidence-based, on-farm decision making
Keno M
Add & analyze clinical mastitis cases in Keno™-M by MEX™
Prognosis related to the different cow advices in Keno™-M
Add and analyze farm survey data in Keno™-M

The final result: farmer-tailored and herd-specific solutions aimed at improving udder health monitoring and making mastitis management easy. The mission of Keno™-M is to help passionate dairy professionals to become the best udder health expert possible.

Are you a cattle vet or another dairy advisor, are you interested in udder health and milk quality and do you really want to make a difference for your dairy farmer clients? Then Keno™-M is the ideal concept for you!

Click here for more information or via www.Keno-M.com.