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"Making mastitis management easy"

MEX™, a spin-off of Ghent University’s M-team, strives to make mastitis management easy worldwide.

Driven by passion, inspired by science and strengthened by experience, the team at MEX™ works to create holistic, integrated solutions for easy mastitis management through:

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  • Evidence-based consultancy
  • Collaboration with industry experts
  • First class training, coaching and mentoring
  • Data management
  • Evidence-based marketing


Workshop Vets Culture In Practice


Dans 3 semaines, c'est le moment: la première formation Vets Culture In Practice en série de 3 en collaboration avec Marina Stevens de Vétoquinol. Exclusivement pour les vétérinaires rurals qui veulent vraiment faire la différence et ajouter une dimension supplémentaire à leurs services de...

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European Culture In Practice


Are you a cattle veterinarian, are you tired to be overtaken by events and do you really want to make a difference with your customers-dairy farmers in terms of udder health and milk quality? Then Culture In Practice is the ideal concept for you!

Save the date: November 30 2017! More info coming soon!

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MEX Kick-off opleidingsdag 21/06


De Kick-off opleidingsdag draagt het MEX totaalconcept uit en biedt onmiddellijk  een mix aan van technische know-how rond uiergezondheid en melkkwaliteit en inspirerende inzichten rond omgaan met veranderingen als zelfstandige, het verkopen van jouw diensten en hoe effectief...

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